I’m writing a rebuttal to a previous post.  Because I need to.

The previous post was specifically about wanting more money.

This post is about the concept of wanting.

And needing.

The Concept of Wanting (More)

Do we all want more?

More money?  More love?  More success?  More acceptance? More…whatever?

Sure we do, at least from time to time.

When We Need Money, We Need It

Wanting comes from needing.  We want what we need.  Needing comes from lacking.

In the case of money, there are times we may lack enough for rent, food, or bills.  When we lack money, we need money.  When we need money, we want money.

But sometimes when we feel we need money we really don’t.  At least not to the extent we’re feeling the need.  Sometimes we simply feel we need more, even though our immediate needs are being met in that moment.

Having More Money Is Almost Always Better Than Not

Of course, having more money would give you more options.  It might give you greater peace of mind.  It might solve some large problems.

So it’s natural to feel you need it, even when you don’t, literally, in this moment.

The ultimate irony is that feeling no need for something produces the optimal opportunity to experience it.  I’m not blaming you if you’re not experiencing something you want, simply referencing that working toward not needing it increases the possibilities of experiencing it.

Realizing You’re Inadvertently Needing Something More Than Necessary Is Freedom

I encourage you to see this as an opportunity for freedom.  When you find yourself wanting something (which means you don’t have what you want, of course), assess your immediate circumstances and decide whether or not you (literally) need it in this moment.

If you find you don’t truly “need” the thing you want (in that moment), let go of your need (as much as possible) and explore how that decision can open greater possibilities.