A while ago I was running on a sidewalk outside the Louisville Zoo.  A car approached and I watched it slow down for a speedbump in the road.  As it drove away, a thought appeared.

“You only notice speedbumps if you’re going fast.” 

“Man, that’s deep!,” I thought next.  Here’s why…  


Speedbumps Suck!


I hate speedbumps.  They force you to slow down because you’ll damage your car if you don’t.   

I am a safe driver.  And I’m safely trying to get where I’m going as quickly as possible.  I don’t need to be slowed down.

I hate speedbumps so much, in fact, that I’ve created a plan to never experience one again.  I’m going to drive “speedbump slow” all the time. 

From now on, I’m going to drive so slow that I’ll go right over speedbumps without noticing them. 

Yes, I will be driving super slow. 

Yes, people will be annoyed by it. 

And, yes, it’s going to take forever to drive anywhere.   

But I will never have to experience a speedbump again.  


You’re Already Using that Plan to Avoid Speedbumps  


A ridiculous plan, you say?  Of course it is.  I’m not really driving like that. 

Yet consider how often you employ this ridiculous plan.  If you’re like me, more often than you realize sometimes.

  • Going through the motions
  • Accepting the status quo
  • Throwing up your hands in resignation
  • Doubting your potential
  • Learning to accept things you’re really not okay with 

Those are all examples of ways you sometimes employ the ridiculous plan of “always driving ‘speedbump slow’.”  Ways you can make sure you’re not going fast enough to notice the speedbumps. 


Who Wouldn’t Want to Avoid Speedbumps?


We do those things, of course, because speedbumps suck. 

Putting yourself out there, believing in yourself enough to act on your desires, means you will notice speedbumps.  When you put it on the line, setbacks are guaranteed and you will often feel inadequate. 

So if you don’t want to deal with setbacks and inadequacy, don’t risk anything. 

Don’t act on your dreams.

Don’t authentically invest yourself in manifesting the life you truly desire. 


The Cost of Avoiding Speedbumps is Too High


Rather than act on your dreams, identify all the reasons you can’t take the necessary actions.  And simply stop there.

Rather than authentically invest yourself in manifesting the life you truly desire, label all the things standing in your way.  And simply stop there.

When you experience the pain of unmet dreams, remind yourself of everything standing in your way.  When you find yourself wishing for the experiences you truly desire, recite all the reasons you can’t have them.   

Those are your best bets to avoid risking speedbumps.  That’s how to “drive ‘speedbump slow’.”


Setbacks Are a Bigger Problem When They’re NOT Happening


Setbacks and feelings of inadequacy are important.  If you’re not experiencing them, you’re driving too slowly! 

Rather than avoid them, welcome setbacks and inadequacy for the feedback they provide.  They let you know that you’re putting it on the line.

And when you’re not experiencing setbacks and inadequacy, use that feedback to remind you to start putting it more on the line.

After all, authentically investing yourself in the manifestation of your dreams is always your best bet to experience life as you truly want!