Mount Rushmore in South Dakota is an iconic national landmark.  Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln carved into the Black Hills region beckons millions of visitors with their 60-foot faces.  And it can also serve as a valuable metaphor for you.

On any given day, you want more of something, right?  Money, love, success, etc.  Most of us do.  And most of us believe we inadvertently hamper the abundance we seek with limiting beliefs.

Here is a great way to alter that: create your own personal Mount Rushmore.

Would More Money Be a Good Thing?

Let’s use money as the example of something you want more of.  Who doesn’t want more money?

Start with the proposition that money is a reflection of the value you create and contribute.  The amount of money you receive corresponds directly with the value of what you’re creating or doing.

So your personal Mount Rushmore will be a monument to the value of what you create and do.

Choose Three More Indicators of Value – After Selecting Money

Money is the first “President” on your Mount Rushmore of value.  Money will be your “George Washington”, serving as an indicator of the value you’re creating and contributing.

Next, select three additional things that you want to use as indicators of the value of what you create or do.  Choose a “Thomas Jefferson”, “Theodore Roosevelt,” and “Abraham Lincoln” of value.

For example, my Mount Rushmore of value is:

  1. Money is my “George Washington”
  2. Referrals from Existing Clients are my “Thomas Jefferson”
  3. Good Reviews are my “Theodore Roosevelt”
  4. Doing Radio/Internet Interviews are my “Abraham Lincoln”

Each of those four are reflections of the value I’m creating and contributing with my writing.  The better the reflection, the more value I’m creating.

Pretty simple.

The Key Is Money Getting Equal Billing on Your Mount Rushmore

The key here is to make money neither more important nor less important than any of your other “presidents.”  Money shares equal billing on your Mount Rushmore of value – it’s not the most important reflection of value and it’s not the least important.

That takes the pressure off your relationship with money.  But it also keeps money appropriately in the spotlight, effectively preventing you from pretending like it’s not as important as it really is to you.  That’s a win/win.

This Mount Rushmore Puts You in a Positive Checkmate

You can’t cheat like that because each of those four indicators on your personal Mount Rushmore of value is carved into the “mountainside.”  60 feet tall!  No hiding from them – which is what you want, if you truly want more money.

I call that a “positive checkmate.”  Because, while you can’t escape it, you wouldn’t want to anyway!

Try this and see if it works for you as well as it does for me.