Blacks lives matter.  

That’s our yard sign.  We placed it a while ago because we want people to know that Black lives matter to us.

Some White people are demeaning this sign by calling it “virtue signaling.”  And to those people, I say, “You’re damn right I’m virtue signaling!”

Some Virtues Should Be Signaled

The Cambridge Dictionary defines virtue signaling as “an attempt to show other people that you are a good person.”

Yes.  That’s exactly what I’m doing.  

And, frankly, if you’re white, why wouldn’t you signal that virtue too?

This is An Opportunity to State Where You Stand

Do Black lives matter to you? I hear some White Americans say, “Of course they matter!  Every life matters!”  But no one is asking you to say that Black lives matter more than anyone else’s. 

People are simply asking you to say that Black lives matter too

Black Americans Need to Know Where You Stand

Can you blame a Black American for wanting to know, specifically, your stance on this?  


Entire towns of White Americans have been complicit in the murder of Black folks.  Why wouldn’t a Black American want to know whether you’re one of them or not?

The Klansman and the White ally have the same face, after all.  So if I don’t tell you who I am, how will you know?

Signaling This Virtue is a Place to Start

Of course, words aren’t enough.  But these words are an opportunity to start. So I’m going to say them:

Black lives matter

It’s passed time for White Americans to signal this virtue.  A sign in my front yard is the least I can do.