When someone thanks me for my writing, I almost always say, “Thank you for allowing me to be of such value to you.”

That’s because you manifest Greg Kuhn, not me.

Here’s what I mean… 

You’re Not Always Making Babies

You manifest your entire universe.

Most of the time, you don’t literally manifest everything. Except when you build or create something entirely new.

When you build a barn or make a baby, you literally manifested something.

But you figuratively manifest everything, all the time. You manifest your own, unique version of everything in the material world.

You are the sole source of your unique versions of everything, just as you are the sole person experiencing them.

You Are the Source of Everything’s Meaning and Value

Things don’t await your experience of them in a pre-determined state of good or bad, valuable or worthless, important or unimportant, etc.

It’s you, in fact, that imbues every single thing with meaning and value, which manifests the version of it that you’re experiencing.

More precisely, it’s your beliefs that manifest everything.

You Understand Expectations, But Your Beliefs Still Make the Call

There is no doubt some things are easier to experience as “good.” While others should almost universally be experienced as “bad.” You understand societal expectations and know right from wrong.

But your beliefs, given to you as a child and permanently stored in your subconscious, will always supersede any other influences. Your experiences always mirror your beliefs.

You don’t literally manifest Greg Kuhn. I’ve been doing that for 55 years. I can assure you I was here before you knew I existed.

But you are the sole source of the Greg Kuhn in your universe.

Your Beliefs Don’t Have an Agenda, They Manifest Reflections of Themselves

Your beliefs manifest the Greg Kuhn they’re capable of. And that version is a Greg Kuhn which you alone experience.

You are the commander of energy in your universe. You collapse the infinite possibilities of the quantum field into every distinct person, place, and thing you experience.  

Continue manifesting the stuff you find satisfying.

And grow your beliefs to manifest better versions of the unpleasant stuff.

You’ve Obviously Got Some Mighty Fine Beliefs

Thank you for manifesting a cool version of me in your universe!

The best way I’ve found to grow beliefs is a game I named Grow a Greater You.

Please keep playing Grow a Greater you – there’s no telling how cool I can become!