Positive self-talk, or positive affirmations, are designed to get you into the right feelings.

And once you have the right feelings, you’ll have the experiences you truly desire, right?


In fact, that’s the same logic as saying you need to ice down your thermometer to get rid of your fever.

Here’s what I mean…

Have The Right Feelings, Have the Right Experiences…Right?

My belief-raising process is anchored by my Emotional Reference Chart.

One look at the chart suggests that feeling the “right” feelings is the key to manifesting desired experiences.

But there are no right feelings. Nor wrong ones. Because feelings do not cause your experiences.

Feelings are feedback about whether or not your current beliefs are aligned with your desired experiences.

Essential feedback because your beliefs, not your feelings, are the source of your experiences.

A Thermometer Doesn’t Really Make You Ill

Manufacturing great feelings, like joy, with positive self-talk feels really good. But it will not change your beliefs.

And if your beliefs don’t change, in the long run, neither will your experiences.

The only way to change your beliefs is to, well, actually change them.

The new feelings you experience as you change your beliefs are like the digital readout of a thermometer.

As your fever goes down, a thermometer’s digital readout says you no longer have a temperature. Likewise, when your beliefs grow, better feelings tell you that.

You know the thermometer didn’t make your temperature go away. It just informed you about it.

Likewise, better feelings didn’t make your experiences better. They just inform you that your beliefs have grown enough to create them.

A Thermometer Also Lets You Know Where You Want Your Temp to Be

My Emotional Reference Chart guides the growth of your beliefs.

It provides target feelings to look for as you change your beliefs. Once these slightly more positive feelings arise naturally, you know your beliefs are a bit more aligned with your desires.

Growing a Greater You involves searching for new perspectives and adjusting your lenses until you’re able to feel those new, slightly more positive, target feelings.

The emotions on the Chart improve with baby steps. Sometimes the next target emotion won’t even appear to be more positive. But taking baby steps is absolutely essential for changing your beliefs.

There is No Part of Your Life Where You Can’t Grow a Greater You

The downside of playing Grow a Greater You is that you’re often playing the long game. You will make multiple trips up the Emotional Reference Chart to experience some of your deepest desires, because that’s what it will take.

But the upside of playing Grow a Greater You is that it works.

Multiple trips up the Emotional Reference Chart are worth it, after all, when your experiences become much closer to what you truly desire.