While running the other day, I fully engaged the muscles in my back at the exact moment the song I was listening to crescendoed.  

Which Came First?

Almost immediately, I was swept up in a curious question.  Did the muscles in my back respond to the music or did the music respond to the muscles in my back?

Ridiculous question?  Not really.  

Consider Einstein’s Relativity Theory.  When an object drops toward the Earth, it’s equally true to say the Earth is rising up to meet that object.

You Don’t Have to Fall Toward Everything

Your life experiences follow this rule too.  While you’re rising (or falling) toward them, your life experiences fall (or rise) toward you.  

There is no requirement, however, that you must go toward an experience that’s coming toward you.  You may not be able to avoid the experience, but you can choose to not go toward it.  

You get to decide what experiences you go towards.  While that may not always be enough to keep unwanted ones away, being intentional about the experiences you’re going toward is a power only you wield.  Wielding that power may not always solve your problem, but it will always help better equip you to do so.

Choose What You Rise Toward Wisely

When helping make change, for example, you can go toward the experience of helping people.  If you’re going toward helping people, you’ll have a pretty reliable litmus test to guide your thoughts, actions, and attitudes when helping make change.

Because the answer to my question, after all, was “both.”  

My muscles responded to the music and the music responded to my muscles. Yes, the music made my body (respond), but my body also made the music. 

That’s how life experiences work. So do your best to help them work for you by being intentional about the experiences you’re going toward today.