When I’m running, sometimes I just want to give up. I feel like I can’t keep up the pace, that I can’t go the distance. That I should quit.

I listen to my body, so sometimes I do stop.

But before I stop, because my goal is to give my best effort, I always make sure I’m running the hill I’m on. And only that hill.

Here’s what I mean…

Pain Takes Two Forms – Physical and Mental

We experience pain, or anxiety, both physically and mentally. The same holds true on a run. I experience pain in my body and I experience anxiety in my mind. It takes my best efforts to resolve either form.

I experience mental anxiety on a run in the form of my inner voice, yelling at me.

The voice cites our exhaustion from the hill we just ran as evidence there is no way we can keep this up. And it uses our seeming inadequacy to keep this up on the hills yet to come as the closing argument.

We need to quit, it says. Case closed!

Sometimes I do need to stop. But most of the time, I can resolve that anxiety.

It’s Good to Double-Check My Inner Voice

My goal for every run is to give my best. That’s why, before I heed my inner voice and stop, I first make sure I’m running the hill I’m on. And no other.

I make sure I’m not still running the hill I just climbed. And I make sure I’m not trying to run the hills I’ve not yet reached.

The hill I’m on, after all, is challenging enough. I deserves my full focus, physically and mentally.

Without that, I’m not capable of giving it my best effort. I’m not going to experience the most fulfilling climb I’m capable of.

Right Now is Hard Enough – Leave the Past and Future Out of It

Being in the moment is always my best opportunity to get the most out of life. Because it’s also my best chance to give my best effort at what’s in front of me.

Focusing on what I’m doing right here, right now creates the greatest environment for manifesting the experiences I truly desire.

That’s true in running and everywhere else.

Anytime I’m focused on the past, I’m running the previous hill. I’m not fully present – I’m out of the moment and somewhere that doesn’t exist.

Your life is right here, right now; the past is only a memory.

Anytime I’m focused on the future, I’m running the hills to come. I’m not fully present, I’m out of the moment and somewhere imaginary.

The future is a dream; the present is where you’re alive.

It Just Makes Sense to Run One Hill at a Time

Running the hill you’re actually on won’t flatten it for you. But at least you’re only running one hill, instead of three.

You’re not burdened by the pain and anxiety of running the previous and future hills. You get to fully experience the pain of this hill, all by itself.

And that pain is usually your best teacher.

Focusing in the moment, by running the hill you’re on, is an easy method of always giving your best effort.

Being in the present moment is the surest way to manifest the most fulfilling experiences you’re capable of.

And it’s also the best way to grow your capability to manifest them.