Lessons from running, number one:

Don’t carry the last step you took into this one and don’t bring the next step you’re going to take into this one.

Each moment is unique and valuable, offering you almost unlimited possibility.  Will astounding possibilities be realized in this moment?  Perhaps not, but the opportunity exists nonetheless.

Only Run a Hill When You’re on It

In running, it’s easy to continue running the hill you just finished.  All you need to do is keep thinking about it, how difficult it was and how much it asked of your body.

It’s also easy to allow an upcoming hill to make your current steps more difficult.  All you need to do is keep thinking about it, how difficult it will be and how much it will ask of your body.

Most runners do this from time to time.  It’s human nature.  But when we realize we’re doing it, we stop because it’s pointless.

We know that running a hill is challenging enough – there is no reason to do it more than once!

Only Live the Moment You’re In

Yet many of us do the exact same thing with our non-running hours each day.

The temptation always exists to fixate on a previous moment.  To ruminate upon a missed step or an opportunity not seized.

Likewise, the temptation always exists to become attached to a future moment.  To worry about what might come or what might be asked of you.

You Always Have the Option of Being in This Moment

And, yet, amid those siren calls, you also always have the option of being fully present in this moment.  Of being fully alive right now.  And, when considering your options, it might help to ask yourself:  has it ever been any other time than right now?

There is no other way to be as alive as you are in the present moment.  Only being in the present moment offers that opportunity.

I have memories.  And I have plans.  But I’ve never experienced anything except right now – this moment.

And, as far as i know, none of us have ever been alive in the past or the future.Everyone is alive right now.

So, now that you’re finished reading this, hop out of your chair or put your phone down.  Do something you’ve been putting off and embrace your vitality – right now.



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