Don’t Hold Your Nose

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Grow A Greater You

Smells can convey very important information.  The smell of these running shoes told me, “Time to go!”  And so they went – into the garbage.

Odors are around us all the time, but most of the time we’re not overly aware of them.  Strong smells, however, get our attention!  A dirty diaper?  Yuck.  The interior of a brand new car?  Awesome.  Strong odors get us to take action.


I Ran a Marathon In Them, But It Was Time For Them to Go!


The shoes in the photograph above, for example, were getting close to being worn out.  I’d logged 315 miles in them and they could’ve gone at least another 35 miles.  But when I smelled them that evening, their awful odor told me it was time to start wearing a new pair.  The smell was powerful (and bad) enough that I listened!


Sometimes smells can give a false message though.  Limburger cheese, for example, would be something to avoid at all costs if judging it only by its odor.  While the way something smells can tell you a lot, it sometimes pays to investigate for yourself.


Odors Are a Metaphor for Feelings


Feelings are like odors.  Feelings are a sensory experience which convey important information about something in your life.  And, while it sometimes pays to investigate for yourself, the purpose of your feelings is to tell you stuff you need to know about what’s happening in your life.


All you need to do to listen to your feelings (and learn their important information) is process them.  Unprocessed feelings form a haze of static around you that filters everything you take in and put out.  Processing feelings doesn’t give you all the “right” answers, but it almost always makes things much clearer.


Listen to What You “Smell”


The next time your “shoes smell horrible” (the next time you have painful feelings like sadness, anger, or fear), make sure it’s not a case of Limburger cheese-false impressions.  If it’s not, pay attention to the information, process the feeling(s), and take action afterward.  You’ll find even better solutions from your clearer perspective.





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