Don’t Blame Anyone in Pajamas

by | Apr 11, 2018 | Blog, Grow A Greater You

I love to un-exercise so much I wrote a book about it.  I highly recommend that you visit with your doctor, formulate an exercise plan with her, and do it 5 days a week for 30 minutes each.  Of course, you’ll be un-exercising because you’ll spend your 30 minutes losing and catching your breath, without stopping your activity.

Un-exercising renders distance, pace, and endurance almost irrelevant.  Just as it makes constant improvement unnecessary.  All you do is lose and catch your breath because you’re un-exercising for it’s effects on your brain.  Not for it’s effects on your health or physique.

Just In Case You Don’t Want to Try Un-Exercising

Yet I also realize that un-exercise might not be everyone’s cup of tea.  And, even if it is, you might also enjoy learning to transform your experiences with another method.  One that doesn’t require working out; a method that can be performed in your pajamas.

Actually, this book was born from the same desire.  As much as I love un-exercise, I usually limited in how much time I can spend doing it.  At least not without sacrificing time spent with other things, just as important.  Without knowing how to do this in my pajamas, I’m cut off from it during 90% of my day.

Finding Solutions in My Pajamas

When an experience is painful, I ask myself:

  1. What am I feeling?  And what am I experiencing?
  2. What do I want to experience?  What feelings would be associated with that experience?

With any displeasing experience, any time you’re the least bit angry, sad, or afraid, acknowledge how you really feel without blaming anyone for it.  Not blaming anyone is the ideal, of course, and your task is only to get as close to that as possible.  If you’re like me, you’ll fall short regularly.  But, when you do, you soon be realizing that you’re blaming and back off while still processing your anger, sadness, or fear.

Then, after processing how you feel, find whatever it is, in you, that got poked by what happened.  What secret doubt, about yourself, has been hiding in plain sight?  This is the source of why you were so bothered by what happened.

Try Not to “Correct” Pain, Address It Instead

Once you’ve identified the hidden doubt about yourself which made that offense so egregious, set about to resolve it.  The more you take responsibility for addressing it, the more fulfilling your experience will become.  Either listen to someone else’s perspective and adopt it or put some distance between yourself and the offender.


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