It’s time to write another rebuttal to a previous post.  Because there is another side of that story to consider.

When I flipped that guy off in that Kroger parking lot, he deserved it.  And I stand by that.  And I also stand by my determination that the price I paid to give that guy what he deserved wasn’t worth it.

But I also want to address the flip-off, itself.

Where Does Orange Juice Come From?

What do you get when you squeeze an orange?

Orange juice, right?

Why, though?

Because that’s what’s inside, of course.

Only an Orange Can Produce Orange Juice

That guy “squeezed” me in the Kroger parking lot and “orange juice” came out of me.  I flipped him off because that’s what was inside me.

In that moment, I was an orange.  I know that because orange juice came out when I got squeezed.

The orange juice simply let me know what I was an orange.

An Orange is Meaning-Neutral

Being an orange is neither right nor wrong.  It is what it is.  It may be desirable or undesirable, but it isn’t inherently good or bad.

But here’s the thing: an orange can only experience life as an orange.  Sometimes I might want to experience life as an orange, but sometimes I might not.

Sometimes I might prefer to experience life as something else.  And it’s actually not complicated to do so.

Do You Want to Be an Orange Right Now?

In the Kroger parking lot, my response was, “Wow.  That was orange juice;I’m an orange!  I didn’t realize how much of an orange I have become today.”

Driving home, I thought, “I don’t wish to continue experiencing life as an orange.”

So I immediately went on a run when I got home, my go-to laboratory to physically and psychologically process my emotions.

What I didn’t do, though, was tell myself, “I shouldn’t be angry.  Let’s change that feeling.”  I don’t try to “change” unpleasant feelings – I process them.

Thanks for Letting Me Know I’m an Orange!

When I see orange juice, I’m grateful.  Grateful to be alerted to the fact that I’m currently an orange.

Being aware of that, I can decided whether or not I want to continue experiencing life as an orange.

When I decide, “No, I do not wish to continue experiencing life as an orange”, I can process whatever emotions are inside.  I work them out, feel them, and let them go.  Then I’m not an orange anymore!

In that respect, I should probably say thank you to the guy who squeezed me in the Kroger parking lot.